About Us

Innovating & Inventing Solutions Which Suits Your Business for Market Worth, Digital Identity & A Bigger Audience Approach.

BrainOx is an emerging name in the digital world with a full stack Development and SEO team providing services in a vast arena of IT to fulfill the digital needs of people & companies and guide them through the modern patterns of financial success. Our training center is focused to link the CS & IT students with the modern & futuristic approaches by educating them in their relevant fields, enhancing them mentally and putting them in the practical scenarios to measure, analyze & guide their responses.

Passing through a creative educational career full of dynamic projects and plans we came under the same flag in a long lasting span of 6 academic years of hard work and passion. Working in multiple Big names and proving ourselves in numerous projects made us believe to start something with a more broader aspect of digital services. We combined like a group of young ambitious people with different skill sets in different digital domains but collectively which can provide an organization everything it demands and so BrainOx came into being.